About F(r)iction

About the Blog:

Primarily, this blog exists as my personal repository of reviews, criticisms, reflections, meanderings and the occasional emotional outbursts for all the novels, novellas stories and essays on fiction that I constantly read.  Seeing that I have the ugliest handwriting that I have ever seen, and since I don’t want to use the small ounce of disk space left in the hard drive of my aging and slightly battered laptop with dozens of Microsoft Word documents, I’ve decided to keep it here, in cyberspace, where there is always space for more clutter.

About the Author of this Blog:

Jose Carlo C. Flordeliza, who was born in Davao and grew up in Manila, graduated from DLSU-Manila with a degree in literature, where he was awarded a gold medal for outstanding creative writing thesis for his short story, tropical baroque collection, The Killing Moon: Preludes. He has won two DLSU Literary Awards and was a fellow of the 8th Iyas Creative Writing Workshop in Bacolod City and the 49th Silliman University National Writer’s Workshop in Dumaguete City. His works has appeared in the DLSU publication, Ideya: Journal of Humanities, The Philippines Free Pres, The Philippine Graphic and in the Malate Literary Folio. He is a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing student in DLSU, a member of the Phillipine PEN, and worked as a Book Buyer for Powerbooks where he handles Philippine Publications, Graphic Novels, Religion, Philosophy,Literary Criticism,Short Story Collections/Anthologies and Essays. He currently is an editor for Anvil Publications.  He likes coffee, cigarettes, comic books, commuting,  awkward conversations and also enjoys referring to himself in the 3rd Person.  He also hates Twilight and the bourgeoisie. Sometimes, he still dreams of becoming the Green Lantern for Sector 2814.


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